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With Leitourgia you will be able to: 1) Plan your worship far in advance - and always know where that planning can be accessed! 2) Actually USE the software because its one main window is easy to understand. 3) Have easy access to all the elements of a particular worship service. + LITURGICAL YEAR (OPTIONAL): The Side Bar lists the whole church year according to the LCMS, ELCA, or RCL Liturgical Year. You can view the church liturgical years past and forward. Click to expand any grouping and click again on any particular worship event and see everything you have entered previously. If your church does not follow the Liturgical Year, you can buy the program without a data base and add your own worship services. + LECTIONS (OPTIONAL): Each Sundays readings are pre-entered and automatically present themselves in the Lections window. + FILE HANDLING: Just drag and drop items such as web links and any other document or media file into any appropriate window. They are copied into a special folder and kept permanently for safe keeping. Each document can be opened simply by right clicking its icon! + SERMON WRITING: Here is one place where you can write your sermon, take any kinds of notes you would like, word studies, web articles, links, files and WHATEVER you want. You always know where your sermon is and you can start your sermon months in advance of when you preach them. Have a fabulous idea about a sermon or an illustration for next Easter? No problem! Go to next years Easter Service and jot it down! Better yet, three years from now when you are working through this pericope again you can come back to it to see all your studies again. + SEARCH FUNCTIONS: Full search functions of any text entered into the database. + EXPORT CAPABILITIES: Export of materials in the RTF or TEXT formats which can be read by many kinds of word processors and text editors. + COMPATIBILITY: PC AND MACINTOSH!

With Leitourgia you will be able to: 1) Plan ...

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