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TeamKB for MicrosoftdlT« OutlookdlT« is an enterprise-grade knowledge base, allowing you and your team to share information, reduce customer support, improve staff productivity and eliminate time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents, all inside Outlook.With TeamKB, your team can document best practices and solutions to common problems and reply to time-consuming and repeated queries from your users in a click. 100% MicrosoftdlT« Office Outlook1 integration.bullet Use an MicrosoftdlT« Exchange shared mailbox or a public folder.bullet No database requirement - KB articles are stored in your exchange server (supports hosted exchange server too)bullet No file server requirement - Only a simple client installbullet Centralize sharing of knowledge and documentsbullet Find information easily - Keywords and advanced search options in Outlook folder viewsbullet Multi-tier problem category-problem typesbullet Custom define the fields you wish to track within the knowledge basebullet Workflows for easy content approval and publishingbullet Provide customizable email alerts so that all your team members are alerted as new KB articles are postedbullet Use the same exchange folder permissions to grant/deny access to the KB articlesbullet Use the in-built access control mechanism in TeamKB to complement the exchange permissions for enhanced controlbullet Publish KB articles to your website for providing first level support to your end-users (Try a demo of Web KB)bullet Content formatting with built-in editor of MicrosoftdlT« Word, embed images and any number of file attachmentsbullet Email KB article as DOC, MHT, PDF or XPS document in single click!bullet Supports export of KB articles to the following document formats:- Adobe Portable document (.pdf2)- XML Paper Specification document (.xps2)- MicrosoftdlT« Word document (.doc)- Web-archive single page (.mht)- Filtered webpage (.htm)1 Outlook 2003, Outlook 20072 Requires the 'Save PDF and XPS' add-on installed for MicrosoftdlT« Office 2007How does it work?TeamKB system is installed as a COM-addin for MicrosoftdlT« OutlookdlT« 2003/2007, and uses an Exchange resource such as a public folder or a shared mailbox, for storing knowledge base articles and for enabling collaboration throughout the organization. Each published article in TeamKB is uniquely identified by a number. Outlook views are used to arrange these KB articles in the way, you want it. For example, the above view groups the articles in multi-tiered categories and their corresponding types such that it is easy to find the right article under a problem type.As a knowledge base administrator, you can create a list of authors, who would be allowed to post new articles. To ease creation of authors list, you can import users directly from Active Directory. Optionally, you can specify if each author can have access to TeamKB administrative settings as well as post new article and publish it without needing proper approval from the editor.The administrator would also define the problems list, which is nothing, but a multi-tiered arrangement of categories and types. Each category can have a list of types. Each type can have a default editor assigned. When a new article is posted by an author with non-admin access, it would be put in the pending list and depending on the problem selected, TeamKB would assign a default editor, who will review the pending article and will decide if to approve or reject. If it is approved, it is published with a unique KB number. Email notifications are then sent out automatically to the concerned author o the status of the article.But when does these knowledge base articles come to practical use?Suppose, an end-user send a support email regarding an issue that your support team are already aware of. Typically, you will try to compose the solution or would try to navigate to your existing document libraries, search through the document, and then copy the contents and paste over the reply email. This not only waste time and efforts, but also destroys the formatting of the article and if there were any attachments or embedded images, they most probably won't make through the email. With TeamKB, what all the support staff has to do, is to just click the 'reply with a KB' button available in the Outlook toolbar. That would prompt you with a dialog box, that has all the knowledge base articles arranged in category/type hierarchy tree. It would then allow you to search/select a relevant knowledge base article and then either, insert the content (along with the attachments and embedded images) directly into the reply email, or, even better, insert the select article as a PDF/XPS/DOC document attachment to the email. Improved customer supportBy having a repository of knowledge, your team can more quickly respond to customer questions and issues. By providing consistent answers to questions and issues, your customer is always assured of the right answer and consistent communications. bullet Reduced costsAs TeamKB leverages your existing Exchange and Outlook resources, there is no extra hardware/software cost that you will have to incur in implementing an enterprise-wide knowledge base for your team. As your team members are already familiar with Outlook, there is no requirement for any elaborate training, further lowering the cost. As you have network and Exchange administrators in place, you don't require dedicated personnel for maintenance. And the bigger advantage, in long-term, is the reduced number of inbound customer support questions, which will reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to support issues. This can reduce the number of support engineers needed, thereby reducing costs to your support desk at the long run. bullet Extending the Knowledge Base to your CustomersTo maximize the use of your knowledge base, TeamKB knowledge base articles can be published to your company website (hosted under IIS) to allow your customers to search your knowledge base before calling in with questions. This can eliminate unnecessary phone calls and allows your clients to quickly get answers to questions. When any of the existing knowledge base articles are changed, or new ones added, TeamKB can be set to automatically update the website such that the changes or the new articles are updated/published at the same time, thus keeping the information in both the servers - Exchange and the IIS, current and synchronized, on demand. bullet Utilizes Existing IT skills with minimal need for re-trainingAs TeamKB is based within the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, it is easier to learn, ensuring a higher adoption rate and easier integration into your support structure. It also allows your staff members to quickly adapt and start using the system immediately with little or no training requirement. bullet Flexible Workflow RulesIn certain cases, knowledge base articles that have been added or changed require multiple people in various departments to approve the new or changed article. The TeamKB provides a flexible method for automating and keeping track of these approval tasks. By creating workflow rules on a per-category/type basis, content editors can receive email notifications when an article is added and/or changed. Approval/disapproval emails can be sent automatically to content authors/contributors informing them on the status of their knowledge item. The benefit is improved quality and sharing of knowledge base articles. bullet Create custom variables and assign them to articles as requiredCustom fields are user-defined variables that can be assigned to articles. Custom fields can be searched and provide additional depth and filter options to articles in your knowledge base. Many times, articles require more than simply content. Using custom fields, you can totally customize TeamKB to your organizations specific needs and provides an additional level of filtration to users of your knowledge base. bullet Fast, Accurate Search ResultsSearch through thousands of articles using powerful full-text search capabilities. All searches in your knowledge base run on Outlook's full-text search capability, which provides extremely fast and incredibly accurate search results. Each article in a search result is ranked based on its relevance, and results are sortable based on ID, title, author, contributor, editor and date. TeamKB scales extremely well. More experienced users will find TeamKB's advanced search options appealing. You can restrict searches based on values of drop-down fields such as problem category-type, custom fields, author, editor, created and modified dates. bullet Complete control over user accessYou have precise control over how users interact with your knowledge base, depending on the Exchange folder rights they have. It's easy to switch a users permissions - simply change the exchange folder permission for that user or group. bullet Fast reply to emailsEmbed knowledge base article as PDF, XPS, DOC or MHT documents in email reply with just a click of a button.

TeamKB for MicrosoftdlT« OutlookdlT« is an enterprise-grade knowledge base, allowing you and your team to share information, reduce customer support, improve staff productivity and eliminate time wasted searching for information across disparat ...

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