Dev Hound v.2.44


Complete Tracking * Bugs, feature requests, documentation, solutions, white papers & articles * Clients/customers and their support calls including time spent on each client * Users as developers, QA personnel, managers, team leaders, etc * Invoicing for support calls, development time, & product purchases * Discussions using built in discussion boards * Attach files & comments to issues and support calls * Send messages to other Dev Hound usersWeb Based * The server runs on all Windows platforms (95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista) * Comes with its own web server for zero configuration installation * Also integrates with IIS or Apache * Runs on any javascript enabled web browser eg Mac, LinuxSQL Server Support * Comes with a builtin database or use SQL Server * Can use MSDE or full version of SQL Server * Can automatically upgrade from builtin database to SQL ServerWorkflow & Security * Customizable workflow rules (for example: prevent issues being declared resolved without testing) * Customizable security levels for users from administrators, developers, QA to external users * Have clients also login to see their project, knowledge base or support callsAdvanced Filtering * Quick and easy filtering by project, assigned user, status and category * Customize your view with a selection of filtersReporting & Graphs * Numerous standard reports with graphs * Reports are configurable by time frame and/or project * Build your own reports using the report wizard * Build advanced reporting using SQL * Export to Microsoft Excel or external report tools * Download new reports from www.nexusconcepts.comHelp Desk Support * Track client information for mailing, marketing, newsletters, sales tracking * Email clients or groups using template based mail merge emails * Each client email is recorded in the history of the client * Track client support calls with time recorded on each call * Track total times spent on client support * Create custom reports for support information (eg calls completed this week) * Managers can track outstanding support calls * Connect issues to support calls so that when an issue is resolved the client is notified via emailCustomizationDev Hound can be customized with different priorities, status, types, categories, workflow rules, displayed fields, customizable reports and fields.You can add new fields for issues and clients to extend the system to meet your needs.You can even alter the way forms look and change the theme (eg XP style, or Aqua style).Knowledge Base Articles * Create knowledge base articles based on issues or support calls * Export knowledge bases as HTML for use on your web siteFast Install and Small Footprint * Comes with its own web server so there is no configuration required with IIS * Can use IIS or other web server for use on your intranet or even across the internet * Does not require a database administrator or advanced database knowledge * Install and run in under 2 minutesEmail Notifications * Be notified when there are any changes on Issues * Each user can choose which email notifications they want * Works with MAPI (eg Outlook) or SMTP email server

Complete Tracking * Bugs, feature requests, ...

  • Dev Hound
  • 2.44
  • Nexus Concepts
  • Windows All, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix
  • Shareware
  • 2.4 Mb
  • 170
  • $249.00

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