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Easily Edit Any Table Of Any Database Using Active Table Editor Software
Need For Active table Editor Software
Let us think about a complying situation, you have accounting software package and prefer to figure some supplementary reports. You recognize the database structure jolly well and produced a few mapping tables for the reports. At present, you require to render the end users power to modify the mapping tables, export information and run reports. You might employ Oracle SQL plus or MS SQL Server Management studio to do that but these instruments are far too perplexed for the users. This is where Active Table Editor might intervene to grant you an assisting hand.

Important Features
Active Table Editor Software permits the administrator to log-in and project the appearance of the application program for the end users. You will be able to redact user menus, security system settings, menu items and input patterns. All this complexness is left alone behind the picture for the end users. Once logged on, the final users experience and edit out the information, which was specified by the administrator. There is as well an opportunity to employ command line and in this manner shunt login screen. The product acts with all prima commercial and open source databases instantly. Active table editor software provides you with an SQL builder and you will be able to get an all-encompassing security management system with this software. The software is so user friendly and well explained that even a novice user will be able to easily master the software in a matter of few mouse clicks. The software is so well equipped that it is able to hold any number of users and boasts of features like data entry form designer as well as report and user menu designer.

Active Table Editor Software is an ideal software tool that will help you to rapidly and easily implement data entry functionality within an hour and you will be able to save a lot of your time and working efficiency.

If you are looking for a software that will allow you to edit any type of table in any database and allows you to export or import data or run calculations easily, then Active Table Editor software will do the job very easily without any fuss.

Publisher's Description

Active Table Editor helps the users edit ANY table in ANY Database.

Let's imagine following situation you have accounting software package and would like to design some additional reports. You know the database structure pretty well and created some mapping tables for the reports. Now you need to give the end users ability to change the mapping tables, print and export the data. You may use Oracle SQL plus or MS SQL Server Management studio to do that but these tools far too complicated for the users.
This is where Active Table Editor may step in to give you a helping hand.

Active Table Editor allows the administrator to log in and design the look of the application for the end users. You can edit user menus, security settings and data entry forms. All this complexity is left behind the scene for the end users. Once logged in, the end users see and edit the data, which was defined by the administrator.

The product works with all major commercial and open source databases directly.

Design Data entry screens and Edit ANY data. Design Data Entry Screens and Edit ANY table in ANY Database with ease. Control what users can edit and see. Design menus, Input forms, define security roles. Easy to use and highly customizable ...

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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 07.01.2017 Improved : Report generator components update Improved : Query Builder components update Improved : SSL components update Fixed: Save Grid Dialog Issues Improved: Print Preview Dialog Improved: Saves Grouping between sessions 19.08.2016 + Added incremental search to add documents dialog + Added incremental search to group dialog - Addressed issues with user dialog 17.04.2016 + Added Load All Records, Enable MRU List, Enable Incremental Search and Show Grouping Panel to Item properties dialog + Added MRU List to data entry grid 24.07.2015 + All documentation is in wiki format now + Excel Import and export from data grids is much faster now - Addressed issues with exporting data as excel from data grids - Addressed issues with deleting records - Addressed issues with creating new menu items 25.05.2015 - Addressed grid filter issues + Third party components update 10.05.2015 + Added option to delete all records + New version of report builder + Report builder documentation update + Use Excel Style Filters option was introduced - Addressed minor issues with report generator - Various bug fixes and improvements 17.01.2015 + Third party components update - Minor bugs fixes 02.01.2015 - Minor bugs fixes 20.11.2014 + Third party components update + Incremental search was added to all grids + Export to RTF was introduced + Excel export formats improvements + Various Interface improvements + Documentation update - Minor bugs fixes - Spelling corrections 31.08.2014 - Spelling corrections 15.07.2014 + Ability to change grid font site and grid row height was introduced + Added two new command line parameters User=Administrator;Password=Administrator;HideOutlookBar;ItemId=1001 + Excel processing engine update + Documentation update 06.02.2014 + Added RichText object to the Report Designer 28.11.2013 Report Variables improvements 09.06.2013 + Smaller executable + Memory usage was reduced for Excel files + Added Register Option - Addressed some installer issues - Various bug fixes and interface improvements 09.04.2013 + Support for BDE was introduced - Minor bugs fixes 15.12.2012 + Introduced Auto complete functionality - Minor bugs fixes 06.10.2012 Export to Excel improved 22.07.2012 + Support for database based lookup was introduced 27.05.2012 - Various bug fixes 16.03.2012 + Improved support for Excel 2007-2010 files import + PK Tab was added to item editor - Various bug fixes 16.03.2012 + Improved support for Excel 2007-2010 files import 25.01.2012 + Support for default report was introduced + Order of fields was charged in connection dialog: user selects server name, enters the user name and password and finally user selects the database. + Even smaller executable now + Report button is hidden from the user when no linked reports created 24.12.2011 + Reports can be linked to forms now + Menu items can be edited from the items list + Menu items sorting is user definable now - Documentation update - Addressed some installation issues - Addressed some issues related to repository creation wizard 07.09.2011 Direct Import Into Excel was introduced via DDE GUI fixes Various bug fixes 13.06.2011 Added support for OLE DB Clipboard improvements

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