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Yaware is the most effective employee time tracking software you will ever use. It is an automated, simple and convenient tool for monitoring the working time and productivity of the whole team. Yaware will provide you with a powerful business intelligence to make your income bigger and team more productive! Yaware Features: - Software and websites usage tracking - Visual reports in the form of charts - Fully automated time tracking 1. Track What Programs and Websites Your Employees Are Using at Work. Yaware application runs in the background on the computer and records time spent on programs, websites and applications. Staff may open multiple tabs in a browser, but Yaware tracks the one that is actively used at that moment. 2. Evaluate Employee Productivity Yaware recognizes more than 15 000 websites, programs and refers them into three categories: - productive - unproductive - neutral Employees can use a variety of resources (websites, software, applications) during the working day. An account or group manager can define productivity for category according to employee tasks. 3. Organize Users in Groups and Assign Group Managers Yaware allows you to organize users in groups by departments (marketing department, accounting department), project teams, etc. It is convenient because employees from different departments have different responsibilities. For example, the time spent working with Photoshop is productive for a designer and unproductive for an accountant. Yaware allows to set distinct resource productivity status for particular groups. 4. Get Timely Visual Reports Yaware presents the information in graphs. With Yaware it takes only several minutes a day to analyze working time and productivity of your team. Looking at the diagram you can determine the most productive employees, see who was late for work, compare employee productivity within various periods, determine the most distracting websites and applications. 5. Use Hidden mode

Yaware is an online time tracking service tha. Yaware is an online time tracking service that allows you to track websites/software usage and offline activity, produce visual reports, capture screenshots. With Yaware you can easily: track time of part-timers, freelancers.

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  • Yaware
  • Yaware
  • Windows , Mac , Linux
  • Shareware
  • 6.5 Mb
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