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Sampling involves selecting and evaluating a portion of a population (people, things, processes, documents, etc.) to draw conclusions about the entire population. The advantage to this approach is that it avoids the time, effort and expense of a comprehensive examination. Utilizing statistics enhances the quality and effectiveness of sampling by quantifying sample sizes and how well the sample represents the whole population. Sampling has applications in health care, auditing, manufacturing, marketing, social sciences and many other areas. EasySample is a tool for statistical sampling. It supports several types of attribute and variable sampling and includes a random number generator and standard deviation calculator. Attribute sampling is used to estimate how many or what percentage of items have a certain characteristic, for example, defects or errors. Variable sampling is used to estimate numerical values (how much). For example, monetary values, ages, volumes, weights and sizes-anything that is variable in nature. Of course, not all of the uses for EasySample have to do with sampling. Another purpose might be to use the random number generator to pick lotto numbers! To make the program easy to use, the interface is designed to be consistent, intuitive and minimize user effort. The user need only be concerned with entering basic sample parameters as the software handles lookup tables, formulas and other complications. Results may be saved or read in CSV (spreadsheet compatible) or XML (Internet compatible) file formats or printed. The features of EasySample are outlined by the main form of the application shown next. The Get Attribute Sample Size and Generate Random Numbers forms demonstrate two of its options.

Sampling involves selecting and evaluating a ...

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