Exact Audio Copy v.0.99 prebeta 4


# EAC is able to copy ranges of music data, not only tracks# Automatic speed reduction on read errors and fallback to a higher speed afterwards (depends on the used drive)# Volume normalization of extracted audio to a given percentage# Usage of the Windows Audio Compression manager (ACM Codecs) for direct compression to e.g. MP3 waves# Support for the LAME DLL that is usable like an ACM Codec for on-the-fly MP3 compression# Support of external MP3, WMA, flac and OggVorbis encoders for automatic compression after extraction (supports multi-processor environments)# Batch compression to WAV files and decompression of supported encoded files to WAV# Compression offset support for exact compression/decompression# Detection of pre-track gaps (positions where negative track times runs towards 00:00:00)# Detection of silence in pre-track gaps# Automatic creation of CUE sheets for Burnnn, Feurio, Nero or even EAC, which can include all gaps, indicies, track attributes, UPC and ISRC and also CD-Text for an exact copy# CD player functionality and prelistening to selected ranges# Automatic detection of drive features, whether a drive has an accurate stream and/or does caching# Sample offsets for drives with noaccurate streams, including the option of filling up missing samples with silence# Synchronizing between tracks for non-accurate stream drives# Trackname editing with local/remote CD databases support and more features like ID3 tagging# Browse and edit local database# Certified Escient ® CDDB(TM)Compatible# Local CDDB support# Record and loop record functions for recording from LP, radio, etc.# Automatic renaming of MP3 files accordingto their ID3 tag# Catalog extraction function (e.g. first 20 seconds of a track)# Multisession (CD-Extra) support# CD-Text support# CD-Write support for some drives (internally and using CDRDAO)# ID3 V1.1 tag editor with drag and drop ability from track listing and CD database browser# Glitch removal after extraction# Small WAV editor with the following functionality: delete, trim, normalize, pad, glitch removal, pop detection, interpolation of ranges, noise reduction, fade in/out, undo (and much more)# Program is free for personal use, so feel free to copy

# EAC is able to copy ranges of music data, ...

  • Exact Audio Copy
  • 0.99 prebeta 4
  • Andre Wiethoff
  • Win 2000, 2003, XP
  • Freeware
  • 2.4 Mb
  • 276
  • Free

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