Adobe PageMaker Updater v.7.0.1


PageMaker 7.0.1 no longer returns the error "The Application Adobe PageMaker 7.0 has unexpectedly quit, because an error of type 1,010 occurred" when launching on certain Mac OS systems.PageMaker 6.0 files are now visible in the Open dialog box in PageMaker 7.0.1 for Mac OS.PageMaker 6.5 library files can now be opened in PageMaker 7.0.1 without returning an error.PageMaker 7.0.1 does not shut down when the notes included in a package contain a large amount of text.PageMaker 7.0.1 does not shut down when packaging documents that contain an image on a master page.PageMaker 7.0.1 files containing underlined TrueType text now retain the underlines when the file is exported to PDF.The error message "Cannot find the AcrobatPPD. The plug-in requires the AcrobatPPD and is unable to continue" no longer occurs when exporting a PDF file from PageMaker 7.0.1 with "Display PPD name" selected in preferences.Styled text imports without adding additional characters in PageMaker 7.0.1.Special characters now import correctly from Microsoft Word into PageMaker 7.0.1.Soft returns in Microsoft Word files no longer display as hard returns in the story editor in PageMaker 7.0.1.PageMaker 7.0.1 only imports the Microsoft Excel cells selected by the user during the initial import when the link is updated.When you print to an Adobe PostScript printer or export to Adobe PDF from Adobe PageMaker 7.0.1, the Euro character is no longer substituted with a bullet.Requirements: Adobe PageMaker 7.0.

PageMaker 7.0.1 no longer returns the error ...

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