Pocket StompBox v.1.0


StompBox is a program that turns your Pocket PC into a personal practice amp and effects unit. Simply plug in a set of headphones and you can practice playing your guitar without the need of external amplification or effects pedals. StompBox is an ideal companion for acoustic guitar players who dont have fitted pickups, but want to be more creative with their sound. If you are lucky enough to have a headset socket (combined microphone/headphone) and play electric guitar, you can use StompBox as a true multi-effects processor through external amplification. StompBox allows you to create chains of up to 9 effects, which can be placed in any order. Once you have created the desired sound, you can save the entire chain as a preset which can be recalled quickly and easily. The built in loop recorder is a tool which allows you to capture a few bars or even a whole song (memory permitting). This can then be used as a backing track for you to play along with. For example, a guitarist may want to record a few bars of rhythm over which he can practice playing lead parts. StompBox also has a built in Metronome and a 440Hz test tone. Effects Include: Overdrive / Distortion, Parametric EQ, Pitch Shifter, Phaser, Tremolo, Chorus / Flanger, Digital Delay, Digital Reverb and 7 Band Graphic Equalizer. Main features: - 9 different effects pedals - User definable effects chains - 9 Simultanious effects - Metronome (40-200bpm) - 440Hz test tone - Loop Recorder - Supports 11,22 and 44Khz modes - Manual Latency Settings - Load and Save Patches System requirements: - Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5

StompBox is a program that turns your Pocket ...

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  • Pocket StompBox
  • 1.0
  • 4pockets
  • Windows Mobile PocketPC
  • Trial
  • 1.9 Mb
  • 454
  • $14.95

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