ModBlaster 2000 v.2.1


This Protracker (MOD) and MP3 player you can easily and quickly you many formats of audio files listen, copy, rename, view file properties, and any music files, delete unnecessary. You get a quick overview of the files which you can easily reach the desired sound file to hear.* RGS-MODBlaster supports the following music files:the MOD, WAV, IT, S3M, M3, 699, MED, MDZ, ULTof MP3, MP2, MU3, MID, RMI, AIF, ASF, SND, AU, WMA!* Now with spectrum analyzer and VU meter.* Volume scheme.* Helpful tools and options by right mouse button ..* Plays - if desired - all files in a folder automatically after each other.* When the program connects to your audio files via Explorer, you will hear the sound files in which you boot from your Explorer.Ondersteuning * Drag & Drop a batch.* It may be a file:o copyo knowo Renameo view properties* Cool layout!* Clean and clear sound.* Compact (only 300KB EXE!) And easy to use.History* Version 1.0First version... ;-)* Version 2.0Completely new look!Desktop XP error now resolvedNew optionsVolume can be setAdditional information when listening to MP3'sLast used folder can rememberColors can be adjustedAnd many bugs have been resolvedand more ...* Version 2.1- Open file dialog- Popup menu now also on separate "mini-ball icon"- Unlimited selection of text and background colors- None Tracker file types background changeable- None Tracker file types text/info scroller- Error DLL-not found fixed- Shortcut icon to My Documents for fast access- File date, time and size is shown- DEL-key for fast delete- Association of Fastracker files with ModBlaster- and more...

This Protracker (MOD) and MP3 player you can ...

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