NtEd for Linux v.1.10.18


NtEd software is a new musical score editor for Linux.Buildingtar -xvzf nted-x.y.z.tgzcd nted-x.y.z./configureIf you want to install NtEd in a certain directory use:./configure --prefix=Type:makeThis should create NtEdType (as root):make installThis should install NtEd.If you don't like NtEd type (as root):make uninstallThis should remove NtEdTo start the program type:ntedor:nted .ntdThis should start the score editor.Here are some key features of "NtEd":?’A· Real WYSIWYG, i.e. what you see on screen is exactly what you get on printer output?’A· Distribution of the musical symbols on pages and systems?’A· (up to) 4 voices per staff?’A· N-tuplets 1 < N < 14?’A· Internationalization: German gerflag, Dutch dutch_flag, Spanish spain_flag?’A· direct replay, whereby: Configurable music instruments per staff?’A· export midi?’A· export PostScript?’A· Library usage as little as possible (Cairo, Gtk, X11, ALSA)?’A· Antialiasing

NtEd software is a new musical score editor ... A new musical score editor for Linux ...

  • NtEd for Linux
  • 1.10.18
  • Joerg Anders
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 3.91 Mb
  • 339
  • Free

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