MythRip v.0.9


MythRip is a GUI tool for exporting and encoding MythTV recordings to standard video formats (avi, mkv, etc)It was designed to be an alternative to the similar but CLI-based nuvexport tool.Here are some key features of "MythRip":?’A· mencoder backend which can easily be extended to support any video and audio codecs which mencoder supports?’A· x264 support?’A· Single or two-pass operation?’A· MythTV cutlist support; remove commercials from your recordings?’A· Encoder preset system offers reasonable defaults, and the ability to create custom presets (inspired by handbrake)?’A· Ability to delete recordings from MythTV, with or without the 'rerecord' flag?’A· Limited video 'preview' system to view raw recordings from MythTV in the GUI?’A· Full-featured encoding queue?’A· Multiple simultaneous encoding jobs?’A· Queue re-ordering?’A· Configurable output filenames via a filename template?’A· wxWidgets GUI

MythRip is a GUI tool for exporting and ... A GUI for exporting recordings from MythTV ...

  • MythRip
  • 0.9
  • Sean McLean
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 40 Kb
  • 200
  • Free

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