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  • WinNc  v. is a tabbed file manager developed for Windows 10. WinNc also works on the older versions of Windows. This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel concept of the old file manager Norton Commander.
  • TeeChart Pro ActiveX  v.2016ActiveX charting components library offers over 60 Chart styles and 56 mathematical and statistical functions, and a full set of Chart tools components for additional functionality. Includes 32-bit & 64-bit versions. For Windows and Web applications.
  • GroupMail :: Free Edition  v. the effort out of your email newsletters, email marketing campaigns and group email with highly personalized messages. Free HTML email templates included to get you started. Manage and control your mass email campaigns with GroupMail.
  • Live Billiards  v.2.9Version 2 features Straight Pool, 14+1, 3, 8, 9 ball, Snooker, Pyramid, American, Rotation and DeathMatch games. New physics allow performing English or Masse shots. Play with 9 AI opponents or by network, or online club, feel the real life pool!
  • UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (Windows)  v.5.20UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a universal data recovery solution. Powerful software mechanisms work with a variety of file systems and storages and allow to handle even complicated cases. Perfect for both home users and IT-professionals.
  • ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter  v. ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is an advanced troubleshooting tool, that can help you to troubleshoot a remote connection to a host in your network.
  • Uranus Observation 3D for Mac OS X  v.1.0.2Take a fascinating journey to the Uranus planet, named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky. Watch amazing space scenes enjoying the relaxing ambient music. Launch this highly realistic screensaver and be amazed by one of the largest planets in .
  • RoboMail Mass Mail Software  v.4.0.1RoboMail has a built-in e-mail server which can send out e-mail without using ISP's server. You can prepare personalized e-mail easily. You can send newsletter, product release, promotion to customers easily and stands out from tons of junk mails.
  • Handy Calibration Manager  v.1.0Handy Calibration Manager for Windows. Our software offers inventory management, calibration scheduler, easy calibration transaction entry, calibration history manager.
  • Venus Observation 3D for Mac OS X  v.1.0.2Transfer yourself to the orbit of the Venus planet. Observe and explore this amazing cosmic object. High detailed space scenes in full 3D complete with relaxing ambient music will definitely impress you and your friends.
  • Bopup Messenger  v.6.8Fast and fully managed instant messenger for secure use in business and corporate environments. It offers encryption of private and group collaborations, supports file transfer and offline messaging, provides Active Directory and branding support.
  • TeeChart Pro VCL / FMX  v.2016100% VCL native Charting component library with optional source code included. It provided entire featureset to create charts, maps and gauges in 2D, 3D and OpenGL. It supports Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio and FireMonkey.
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  • NetWorx Sometimes my internet service provider used to charge me more for the bandwidth which I actually never consumed, I tried to find out the my actual usage and the speed bonded by the service provider using NetWorx. What I found is amazed me as it shows much less usage and low speed, I asked them for the correction and an apology of course. All these was possible only because of this small piece of bandwidth monitoring software.
  • GFXplorer Simple program to explore the hardware and software details of a computer which may be required for service purpose. It lists the vendor id of each hardware found with installed driver version (if there is any). Likewise you can see all the installed software including the windows from which you can sort out the outdated versions so that you may install the updated version of the programs and hardware drivers.
  • PC SpeedCAT My PC is running so fast and no more browsing problem, this little software solved all the problem of my computer. Now I can get maximum speed from my ram.
  • Lansweeper Network admins and IT personals will be benefited from this program to implement group policy and create IT asset inventory.
  • Hard Disk Shield Retrieves lots of space which are occupied by duplicate files and junks, show the files which are not in use for a long time. You may defragment the drives after cleaning.
  • WinToUSB I was wondering how could I install windows on a usb drive, searched in the internet, then I found a solution for this which I just tried and really impressed how fast it can make my usb drive a boot-able windows.
  • Atom Imp Text Editor Simple text editor with lots of useful features which you will not find in the 'notepad', its a free word processor where you can finish most of your typing task. support typing in unicode, spelling checker included.
  • EF System Monitor Can see the memory and CPU status of remote computers from my desk and take the necessary actions to keep the system up. Using this I can look after the whole network easily, no need to go to each work station.
  • SCHULzeit Kids learn the words with proper pronunciation which are pre fixed earlier to play and listen. Likewise it helps them to learn basic mathematics like addition, subtraction etc.
  • HTML fix Perfect quick HTML editing for modifying or creating sites. Not complicated or hi-tech, so ideal for novices.
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